Christiana Kouta
Curriculum Vitae (short)



  • Health promotion/education
  • Community care/nursing
  • Sexuality
  • Culture
  • Gender


Doctorate in Philosophy
“Sexuality, Sexual and Reproductive Health: An exploration of the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Greek Cypriot adolescents” (main concepts: health, health promotion/education, adolescents/ youth, gender, culture, sexuality)
Middlesex University
10 Highgate Hill, London N19 5ND, U.K.

Master of Science in Health Promotion

University of East London

Romford Road, Stratford, London E15 4LZ, U.K.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

University of Indianapolis

1400 East Hanna Avenue, Indianapolis,

Indiana 46227, U.S.A.

Diploma in Nursing
School of Nursing, Nicosia, Cyprus

Lyceum Apolytirion
B’ Kykko Lyceum, Nicosia, Cyprus


3/2007- to date


Department of Nursing

School of Health Sciences

Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Teaching Community nursing, Health promotion, Transcultural nursing, Family nursing, History of nursing (2007-8)

1/1998-5/2007 (full- time)

11/1995- 12/1997 (part- time)

Educational Officer

Nursing School, Nicosia, Cyprus

Teaching and supervising graduate and undergraduate Nursing students (theory and
practice). Teaching mainly nursing subjects (e.g. basic nursing, surgical nursing,
orthopoedics), health promotion/education, research (teaching and supervising students),
sexuality, sexual and reproductive health issues and subjects related to the European


Operating Theatre Staff Nurse
Nicosia General Hospital, Cyprus
Specialties theatre: orthopedics, angiothoracic and heart surgery, neurosurgery


Lecturer in Health Promotion
Frederick Institute of Technology, Cyprus


Registered Staff Nurse
Bolters Corner, UK


Nursing Associate
St. Francis Hospital, USA


Member of a the committee, appointed by the Minister of Education and Culture, for the reform of the school curriculum in Health Education, 2009-2010

Member of the Cyprus Review Ethics Committee A- Clinical Trials (Ministry of Health) since 2005, Vice President since 2007-2010

Member of the Management Committee of COST Action ISO603: Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe (HOME), 2007-2011


  • Participation of nurses, midwives and student nurse in commons in Cyprus. Granted by the Cyprus Nursing and Midwifery Association (project coordinator and main researcher) 2009

· Daphne programme II 2004-2008: Date rape among young women and the development of good practices for support and prevention, participating 5 counties (Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta). Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies, Granted by the European Union (project coordinator and main researcher) 2006-2008

· Identifying and evaluating sexual and reproductive health needs of the female migrant domestic workers. Granted by Cyprus University of Technology (project coordinator and main researcher) 2007-2008

· Assessment of the needs of young people on sexuality issues, Cyprus Youth Organization and the Institute of Reproductive Health, 2006

  • Smoking habits of the first year nursing students, Cyprus Nursing School, 2005

  • Sexuality, sexual and reproductive health: An exploration of the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of Greek-Cypriot adolescents, 2003

· An evaluation of the need for health promotion in relation to alcohol among health promotion agents, in a Greek-Cypriot community in Cyprus, 1995

  • MELCO: Mobile Elderly Living Community, Granted by the Research Promotion Foundation (partner with the University of Cyprus) 2008-2010

· Evaluation of the community nursing care in Cyprus for the third age. Granted by Cyprus University of Technology (project coordinator and main researcher) 2007-2010


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Scriven A., Kouta C. and Papadopoulos I. (2010) Health promotion for health professionals (in greek) Athens: Paschalides

  • 1) «Participation of nurses, midwives and student nurse in commons in Cyprus» (keynote speaker)
2) «Community nursing: Evaluation of home nursing for the elderly», 16th
Cyprus Nursing, 27/11-28/11/2009, Nicosia

  • «Contemporary technological programs used in the community», 1st Panhellenic Conference on Home Care, 23-25/10/2009, Athens
  • «Cultural competence and health sciences», Cyprus University of Technology launching library’s building, 20/9/2009, Limassol
  • «Evaluation of the community care for the elderly in Cyprus», XIX World Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 5-9/72009, Paris (poster presentation)
  • «Date rape cases among young women in Europe», 23/6/2009, The 19th World Association for Sexual Health World Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • «Delivering Quality, serving communities. Nurses leading care innovations», World Nurses Day- Central speech, Μay 2009 (keynote speaker)
  • «MELCO- Mobile Elderly Living Community: Identifying the needs», 36th Panhellenic Nursing Conference 4-7/5/2009, Mykonos, Greece
  • «Home care nursing in Cyprus for the elderly», International Conference-Health and Society, University of Nicosia, 3-4/4/2009
  • «Migrant domestic workers: Public health and the nursing role», 15th Cyprus Nursing Conference, 21-22/11/2008, Paphos
  • «Date rape cases among young women: Malta and Cyprus», The 7th Athens Congress on Women’s Health and Disease, 11-13/9/2008, Athens, Greece
  • «Date rape among young women», Date Rape International Conference, 27/6/2008, Nicosia (co-presentation with Camilleri- Cassar F.)
  • «Female migrant domestic workers in Cyprus: An evaluation of their sexual and reproductive health- A cultural perspective», 1st European Transcultural Nurses’ Association International Conference, 4-6/6/2008, Ismir, Turkey
  • «Sexual violence among young women» and «Recommendations», Daphne- Date rape workshop for governmental and non governmental organizations, Nicosia, 23/5/2008 (co-presentation with Pavlou S.)
  • «Female migrant domestic workers in Cyprus: An evaluation of their sexual and reproductive health- A gender perspective», EU COST meeting on migrant’s health and gender (Action ISO603), 18-19/4/2008, Cyprus
  • «Date rape cases among young women: Malta and Cyprus», 7th Nursing Commonwealth Conference, 4-5/4/2008, Malta (co-presentation with Camilleri-Cassar F.)
  • 1) «The transition of nursing to the academia» (invited speaker)
2) «Code for sexual harassment at workplace», 14th Cyprus Nursing Conference

  • «The new trends of home care». Seminar on «Handling patients with chronic disease in the community». Phneumonology clinic, NGH and Home care, Nicosia 25/11/2007 (invited speaker)
  • «Qualitative research methods». Research week-«Another step forward: straightening research in Cyprus», Intercollege, Cyprus 17-21/9 (presentation 17/9)
  • «Sexuality, sexual and reproductive health: a cultural perspective of the attitudes and beliefs of Greek Cypriot adolescents». 33rd Annual Conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society, Bournemouth, UK 19-21/9/2007 (presentation 20/9)
  • «Code of ethics for Nursing professionals- the Cyprus case». FEPI working group on European Deontological and Ethical Codes, Madrid 11/12/2006
  • «Gender discrimination or cultural sensitivity in nursing education? A case study», 13th Cyprus Nursing Conference 24-25/11/2006
  • «Education for sexuality in the context of European policy for sexual and reproductive health», Home Economic Educators and Paedagogical Institute seminar on «Healthy family, healthy society for young people of the European Cyprus» 7/10/2006 (invited speaker)
  • «Sexual and reproductive health of young people in Cyprus and Central Europe- the Astra Network research», 4th Panellinium Conference of Family Planning, Greece 10-12/3/2006 (invited speaker)
  • Training (workshop) Home Economics high school teachers for sexuality, sexuality education, organized by the Paedagogical Institute 16/2/2006 and 6/42006 (invited speaker) //