Conference 2008

List of available presentation files

Prof. Irena Papadopoulos:
A healing journey: Transcultural Nursing theory, research, ethics, and other things. - pdf -F. Dejonckhere, C. Öztürk:
Developing interprofessional and intercultural competences of allied health and nursing students. - pdf -B. Ciancio, A. Tomasi:
The presence of transcultural / multiethnic content and interventions within university nursing degree programs. - pdf -K. Markey, M. Tilki:
Transcultural Nursing Education: The Impact of Racism in the Classroom. - pdf -C. Öztürk, S. Özbicakci:
Transcultural nursing course, education strategies and students' feedbacks. - pdf -G. Hestbech, K. Neymark:
Nursing in a Chinese context. - pdf -V. Leschly:
Narrative as a path towards phronesis and transcultural understanding of nursing for International students. - pdf -G. Tanriverdi, R.Unuvar, C. Arslan:
How do the values that the nursing students hold reflects on their education? - pdf -S.S. Karabudak, F. Tas, Z. Basbakkal:
A case analysis according to Giger & Davidhizars' transcultural assessment model. - pdf -S. Hooijen (student):
Educational Coaching for Students in Transcultural Competent Nursing and My Personal Development. - pdf -S. Salvarli (student):
A Turkish Student's Point of View About Transculturel Nursing. - pdf -

Ass. Prof. Candan Öztürk:
What is the meaning of "the others" for nurses.J. Berhanu, P. Kankkunen, M. Nikkonen:
Perceptions of health among adolescents in Ethiopian migrant families living in Finland. - pdf -S. Ozkan, M. Bektas, C. Öztürk:
Turkish Mothers' Attittude Towards Weaning and Starting on Solid Food. - pdf -C. Kouta, Z.C. Apostolidou:
Migrant Domestic Workers in Cyprus: An Evaluation of their Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs. - pdf -D. Beytut, G.K. Muslu, Z. Basbakkal, H.B. Yilmaz:
Cultural attitudes and beliefs of pediatric nurses about pain. - pdf -S.S. Karabudak, B. Yavuz, H.B. Yilmaz, Z. Basbakkal:
Examination of mothers' attitudes towards traditional practices related to infant care. - pdf -M. Athanasopoulou, M. Kontoni, A. Kalokerinou, P. Sourtzi:
Health care accessibility and use by refugees and asylum seekers. - pdf -Z. Bahar, S. Kizilci, A. Beser, D. Besen Büyükkaya, N. Aydogdu Gordes, F. Ersin, A. Kissal, C. Capik:
Traditional Therapies Used By Hypertenive Patients in Turkey Background. - pdf -A. Bilge, G.Özgür, R.E. Genç, S.Senol:
Review of the Literature about Culture and Transcultural Nursing in Turkey Between 2000 and 2006. - pdf -M. Bektas, S. Ozkan, C. Öztürk:
Turkish Mother's Attitude Towards Breast Feeding with Children 0-72 Months Old. - pdf -I. Papadopoulos, M. Lay:
Sexual maltreatment of unaccompanied asylum - seeking minors from the Horn of Africa: A mixed method study focusing on vulnerability and prevention. - pdf -A. Kissal, A. Beser:
Abuse and Neglect among Elderly People Living in a Primary Health Care Center Area in Izmir and Evaluation of Factors Associated with Elder Abuse. - pdf -Ö. Küçükgüçlü, S. Kizilci, H. Mert, Ö. Uður, D. Besen, E. Ünsal:
Examination of use of complementary and alternative treatment methods by diabetic individuals living in western turkey. - pdf -E. Demirezen, N. Nahcivan, U. Henke:
A Comperative Study: Medication Compliance in Hypertensive Turkish Patients in Turkiye and Germany. - pdf -P.J. Boyle:
"Ireland of the Welcomes" - How does this transfer to Healthcare in a demograhically changing Ireland - A Nursing Example. - pdf -O. Cam, A. Bilge:
Determination of belief and attitudes toward mental illness and patients of public who live in western Turkey. - pdf -A. Beser, S. Topçu, A. Coskun, N. Erdem, R. Gelisken:
Traditional child care practices among mothers with infants less than 1 year old. - pdf -S. Oglak, H. Tunçsu:
Is it possible for similar cultures to have similar solutions to become alternatives? How can grek kapi model be applied to turkey in integrated care services of aged? - pdf -E. Ünsal:
The significance effect of cultural approach related to diabetes in respect of self management training. - pdf -H. Karatas, C. Öztürk:
Cultural paradigm and violence at school. - pdf -D. Sunmaz, B. Bolisik:
Children's sexual and physical abuse: a case study. - pdf -

M. Habermann:
Nurse Migration: Challenge for the Profession.J. Hartikainen, P. Kankkunen, M. Nikkonen:
Immigrant nurses acculturation to the culture of working place in Finland. - pdf -A.K. Anagnostopoulou:
Global nurse migration: immigrant nurses in Greece. - pdf -S. Senol, R.E. Genç, A. Bilge, G. Özgür:
Traditional Health Beliefs Specific to Culture. - pdf -G. Özgür, A. Bilge, S. Senol, R.E. Genç:
Globalization, Culture and Nursing. - pdf -