ETNA’s Goals:
· To serve as a European Transcultural Health Education Centre
· To be renowned within Europe as a distinctive Transcultural Association, which provides a network and forum for health and social care professionals to dialogue, engage in, plan, create, disseminate and advance developments in Transcultural practice, education, research and policy development
· To share knowledge and skills through networking activities, its website and its own online journal
· To identify gaps in education and practice
· To learn about problems in other countries
· To solidify and uphold cultural competency as a required quality for all health professionals
· To raise awareness regarding health inequalities
· To serve as a global forum for discussing transcultural nursing issues and interdisciplinary work with other health care providers and disciplines for culturally competent health care practices
· To promote, advance and disseminate transcultural nursing knowledge in education and practice worldwide
· To promote transcultural friendly health services within Europe