Marika Podda Connor is the coordinator for the Migrant Health Unit within the Department of Primary Health in Malta. The unit aims to:
· help migrants overcome barriers in accessing health care
· help them to navigate through the Maltese health system
· organise health education sessions for migrants
· train health professionals in cultural issues in health care
· develop translated health education material for migrants
· coordinate the training programme for cultural mediators in health care

She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Middlesex (UK) in European Nursing (Transcultural Health); a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Diploma in Social Studies (Gender and Development) from the University of Malta.

She is currently president of the European Transcultural Nursing Association (ETNA) and a managament committee member of the European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research COST-HOME Network -
Health and Social Care for Migrants and Ethnic Minorities in Europe.

Her research interests include: Experiences of student nurses on exchange programmes abroad, Migrant health, Cultural competence in health care, and Migrants’ barriers to health care.

She has published an article in the Journal of Health Social and Environmental Issues on the 'Bio-psychosocial impact of forced migration' and has presented papers at local and international conferences:
  • the 33rd annual conference of the Transcultural Nursing Society – Bournemouth, UK - 2007
  • EUNET integration network – Malta 2007
  • 2nd international conference on Community Psychology: Building Participative, Empowering & Diverse Communities – Lisbon, Portugal – 2008
  • A Celebration of Care – Malta 2009

In 2006 she was awarded 2nd place in the student essay competition organized by the Higher Education Academy - Health Sciences and Practice Subject Centre, King's College London, UK.